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To: Clients, Friends & Supporters:

1 year ago this week, I officially launched Digital Sapien Interactive.  I’d like to mark the occasion by offering my sincerest THANK YOU to the clients who have taken a chance with us, friends of the business who offer support, and of course my lovely wife for her supremely divinely inspired understanding.

So, what a ride it’s been!  I’ve reconnected with past colleagues, formed new partnerships with amazing companies, learned how to do 704 “million-zillion” different things simultaneously, faced numerous inexplicable setbacks, built a team to confront those challenges, all while growing personally in many ways.

One year later, Digital Sapien Interactive has a great client portfolio, has worked on some incredible projects for amazing brands, and we are gearing up to expand.   There will be growing pains, but with all the talented folks at Digital Sapien Interactive there will inevitably be growth.  As we continue to put client satisfaction first and embrace transparency as a core value, I know all the external validations will come in due time.

One year down, with many more in front of us.



As a big THANK YOU we’d like to help other small businesses launch the stunning website they deserve. 

Thank You For Reading!

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