Google for Jobs Brings Parity to the Recruitment Ecosystem

Google for Jobs was launched in the summer of 2017 as an alternative to existing online job markets, and uses machine learning and AI in order to power smarter job searches, and recommendations to careers sites and other online resources to help improve the service of posting relevant jobs to job seekers. During the summer […]

Great SEOs Aren’t Born, They’re Built: Approaches for Accelerating SEO Knowledge

In the pursuit of great digital marketing and website optimization experts, agencies may feel that pickings are thin and that’s because they are. Too many marketing strategists employ low value and black hat tactics, and others serve as little more than best practice parrots, only able to recite rote tactics and unable to deploy imaginative […]

Is Your SEO Agency Just a Blog Post in a Necktie?

A loud blog post wearing a necktie may seem like an absurd idea, but in today’s digital agency arena, the sad truth is that they’re everywhere. They’re not even very difficult to spot. Chances are that you or someone you know has already worked with an agency that will regurgitate information that you already have, […]

5 Ways To Improve Your Site’s SEO Rankings (Infographic)

Optimizing traffic to your site requires a combination of strategy and artistry. Here are some tips to help get you to the top of the search engine results, and stay there. 1. Harness the power of original, quality content. When your site contains fresh, abundant content, not only does it give potential customers more reasons […]

Ecommerce Sales Optimization: 8 Essential Conversion Tips For Online Stores

From artificial intelligence conversational bots to mobile payments and digital customer loyalty programs, the e-commerce landscape is exploding with activity. Consumers have myriad online shopping options at their disposal; everything from voice-enabled shopping bots (can you say Alexa?) to subscription-based payment models are being used to entice customers to purchase from online vendors. If you’re […]

Why We Recommend That Local Businesses Invest In A Website Platform Before Spending On Marketing

Any successful digital marketing campaign is going to require a website platform that is designed for SEO, conversions, and ease of management. This is because all marketing activities, including optimizations for Google My Business (an essential part for local businesses), will be directed toward the site and it will be up to the site to […]

Why Content Marketing is a Vital Component of Any Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy books, audited content marketing

Generate high-quality or convert users with informative content—marketing solutions in lieu of promotions Content marketing is a general term for the promotion of targeted, quantifiable, interactive and informative content intended to increase brand awareness, market presence, and customer retention. The difference between content marketing and promotional marketing is simple. Properly executed, a good content marketing […]

How to Establish Business Goals for the Ultimate SEO Audit in 8 Steps

Graph showing traffic after major SEO fixes implemented

Need to execute an effective SEO audit? These are the questions to ask yourself to maximize growth. Organic search traffic is typically pretty reliable, so when you see a significant and rapid drop, it’s safe to assume something isn’t quite right. An SEO audit is the best way to identify any on-page SEO errors. We often hear […]

How to Re-Launch a Website and Avoid a Website Migration SEO Disaster


Do an SEO audit now to avoid major problems later. Relaunching your website? Making significant changes to the site architecture? Website Migration SEO is tricky, but not impossible. Attention to detail is key. We’ve seen it more times than we care to remember. It goes something like this: a client has invested many tens or even […]

Beginner SEO: Intro to PageRank, Keywords, Backlinks, & Semantics

SEO at the beginner level. Learn about keywords and back linking strategies.

The Best Shortcut to Good SEO is Not Taking Any. Over the years, Google has altered the algorithm that dictates the terms that its ranking system operates under to determine what websites are the most relevant and useful for people who search for related terms. Many marketers and business owners have lost their spots on […]