Tips for Writing Three Common Types of Content

We’ve all read really bad copy.  We’ve all most likely also read plenty of great copy.  But the funny thing about great copy is that you don’t tend to notice it, even  AS you’re reading it. There’s a reason for that.  Because the purpose of great copy is to draw the reader’s attention to the […]

Why Content Fails to Generate the Desired ROI

It is often seen that organizations struggle when it comes to devising an efficient content marketing plan that could help them build a loyal audience. Everyone is well aware that content is the king in the world of digital marketing. You need original, inspiring, and meaningful content to attract and engage your prospective customers and […]

Why Content Marketing is a Vital Component of Any Marketing Strategy

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Generate high-quality or convert users with informative content—marketing solutions in lieu of promotions Content marketing is a general term for the promotion of targeted, quantifiable, interactive and informative content intended to increase brand awareness, market presence, and customer retention. The difference between content marketing and promotional marketing is simple. Properly executed, a good content marketing […]

How to Re-Launch a Website and Avoid a Website Migration SEO Disaster


Do an SEO audit now to avoid major problems later. Relaunching your website? Making significant changes to the site architecture? Website Migration SEO is tricky, but not impossible. Attention to detail is key. We’ve seen it more times than we care to remember. It goes something like this: a client has invested many tens or even […]

Beginner SEO: Intro to PageRank, Keywords, Backlinks, & Semantics

SEO at the beginner level. Learn about keywords and back linking strategies.

The Best Shortcut to Good SEO is Not Taking Any. Over the years, Google has altered the algorithm that dictates the terms that its ranking system operates under to determine what websites are the most relevant and useful for people who search for related terms. Many marketers and business owners have lost their spots on […]