Google Discusses The Role of SEO Agencies

It’s a common misconception that Google does not endorse the practice of SEO.

But in reality, Google embraces the white-hat SEO community and shows it strong support. As a point of fact, Google has a blog that discusses SEO, an SEO starter guide, and hosts regular meetings to help webmasters and brands understand how to gain visibility in their search engine. In fact, members of the Digital Sapien Interactive staff can recall experiences of being invited to a local Google office to discuss partnering with them for a product launch or attending an information session.

As you’ll see in the video, Google recognizes the immense value that SEO practitioners and SEO agencies can provide to its clients.

Watch the video above and hear it straight from Google! As you watch, please note that the Digital Sapien Interactive SEO program fully abides by each of the prescribed best practices and the code of conduct described in this video and in other official Google documentation .