A Nonprofit’s Guide To Internet Marketing

A Nonprofit's Guide To Internet Marketing - Digital Sapien Interactive

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Internet Marketing was written to combat the disproportionality of internet marketing knowledge that exists between the for-profit sector and non-profit organizations.

The Nonprofit’s Guide to Internet Marketing is designed to be practical and action-orientated. This is a 15-page guide designed to help nonprofit organizations activate or to accelerate their online marketing efforts. As such its contents include:

Inside You'll Discover ...

  • Why non-profits should leverage Internet marketing and how it can help to expand membership rolls, event participation, donation collection, and to increase awareness
  • A brief overview of the main disciplines within online marketing and how non-profits can get started, including Search Engine Optimization, paid search marketing (pay-per-click) , and social media marketing (SMM)
  • Specific programs offered by companies like Google and Flickr to assist non-profits in marketing online
  • Guidelines for vetting and working with online marketing agencies
  • Additional opportunities within e-marketing and a brief look at how to implement each grassroots style