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When it comes to best-practices, it would be generous to say the insight Google provides is lacking. These “best practices” are similar to the Bible or the U.S. Constitution; their vague language results in their being frequently subject to varying interpretations.

The key points of Google and Bing

Develop a website and web pages for users – not for search engines. Make pages easy to read and easy to navigate.

Your site will be penalized if you deceive users by presenting different content to search engines than you display to users when the land on a given page. This practice is called “cloaking,” and commonly is referred to as a “black hat” SEO technique.

Planning Your Sitemap & Architecture

Put detailed thought into your site’s architecture; make sure you have a clear hierarchy and text links in place ensuring that each page is accessible from at least one static (as opposed to relative) text link.

Make sure that your website is as comprehensive as possible. Write your pages as clearly and accurately as possible and be sure to include descriptive and appropriate keywords in the

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