Initial SEO Analysis Package

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* Details: custom SEO campaigns and programs not included in this offer.  Offer valid for customers located in the United States only.  Offer valid for new customers only.  Reports are delivered within 3 weeks of ordering.

Note: SEO is a long-term process that requires ongoing effort to secure good search rankings.

The fastest, most risk-free, and cost effective way to get true agency-grade SEO for your business.
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Here’s a little secret.  The first month of a typical SEO program is spent laying the groundwork for your success.  This is a critical initial step.  

But why pay the full cost of your first month of SEO if it’s spent onboarding and getting everything setup? 

That’s why we offer a generous discount on your Initial SEO Analysis Package.

Here's Everything We Do For You over the Next 3 Weeks, Starting on Day 1


Kick-off Meeting & Discovery

We'll start the process of learning about your business so that we can identify targeted keywords and begin planning your complete SEO strategy.


Keyword Report & Benchmarking

This is initial keyword research, including recommending up to 300 target keywords, keyword grouping, and keyword mapping, as needed. We'll then benchmark these terms across your competitive set to understand your visibility in Google and how you measure up to the competition.


Website Audit Delivered

A technical audit report for your website is delivered. The report includes recommendations to improve a search engine's ability to crawl your site and prepare it to achieve higher rankings.


Competitive Research

Our experts will examine the organic search performance and SEO strategies of your top competitors. By breaking down what they're doing and what learnings we can glean form their approach, we're set up to surpass them.


Backlink Strength Report

This report contains many mathematical details on the strength of your inbound links to the pages within your website. Every link that comes from another website or blog has a mathematical value called citation flow that will be reported. These links, depending upon what site they are coming from, the age of the domain, the content on the website, and other areas can either hurt or help your website.


Review Meeting & Go Forward Plan

Now that we've done the preliminary research, we'll present our findings to you and a plan to help you improve the SEO performance of your website. This plan may include:

  • Strategic deliverables (keyword research, technical audits, user experience reports, etc.)
  • Content development (article creation, viral content package, etc.)
  • Linking and promotional activities (link building campaigns, press releases, etc.) • Reporting and analytics (monthly reports, forecasting, etc.)
  • General consultation (SEO training, project management, etc.)

Allow 3 weeks for delivery of the Initial SEO Analysis Package.

We work with businesses of all sizes who know the value of search engine optmization.

Our clients include agencies and charities, and range from established enterprises to small businesses who are striving to expand.

No matter the size, our Search Engine Optimization Service drives more leads and creates greater opportunities for success for any business.

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