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When marketing strategists are working with a company, one of the most critical aspects of the campaign is the medium. A company or website must know who their audience is, where to find them and what they want to run a successful campaign. Once those questions get answered, the next big hurdle is deciding what type of medium is going to be most beneficial and fetch the best return on investment. One of the best mediums, without question, is Google Ads. It does require an investment of time and money, but the ROI makes it a useful one. Many articles discuss how to use Google Ads and make it work for your business, in so many words. The focus of this particular article will be on why Google Ads is such an effective and efficient marketing medium. The easy answer is that is it SMART, and here’s why.

Specific And Significant

Google Ads is quite specific. If you want to run a successful Adwords campaign, your goals must be well-defined from the very beginning. Something like increase organic traffic won’t do the trick. Well-defined goals are definitive. Additionally, you will need to optimize your ad, and you can’t do that without exact and focused information, all of which is significant to the success of your campaign and your company or website.


A Google Ads campaign utilizes measurable metrics. These types of analytics let you know exactly what is working, how well its working and what isn’t working. If you need to tweak something, you’ll be able to find it rather than resorting to trial and error. That saves both time and money while giving your campaign a focused direction to achieve specific goals. You will analyze metrics regularly to stay on top of performance.

Achievable And Attainable

If you are running your campaign correctly, then your goals will be achievable. That doesn’t make them easy, or any less important; it just means they are not out of reach. Attainability is an essential fundamental element for any goal, especially marketing goals. All your specific marketing goals should be attainable. For that matter, all your company or website goals should be achievable. If they are not, then there is no use in setting them.

Relevant And Repeatable

Of course, Google Ads is relevant to your marketing strategy and your marketing strategy is relevant to your business. More importantly, the success you enjoy with a Google Ads campaign is repeatable. When you find something that works, especially a marketing strategy, replication builds revenue. Change the things that don’t work and repeat the things that do. It’s pretty simple.

Timed Or Time-Bound

Your Google Ads campaign will have a time limit. It will be necessary to work within the constraints of your budget while trying to meet short and long-term goals. You will measure success, or failure, and make significant changes as you go. However, at the very beginning of your campaign, you will put a timetable in place. That also lets you know when to analyze all the metrics.

Google Ads

Wrapping It All Up

There you have it.  A Google Ads campaign makes good business cents, and it’s a SMART medium. Another good reason to use Google Ads is that it produces fast results which can be especially crucial for newer websites. There is a ton of crazy competition out there, and it takes some time to build organic traffic from the efforts of SEO. Many businesses and websites don’t have the sustainable funds to wait while they generate organic traffic. A better reason, however, is that a Google Ads campaign can help you reinforce your SEO efforts.

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