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MANA is an agency dedicated to ensuring a code of ethics meant to assist in the ongoing interactions between manufacturers and representatives. Unlike many other similar organizations, MANA does not adhere to a single manufacturing basic, and is instead driven to be the “One Association For All Agents and Manufacturers.” As a truly horizontal organization, they’re positioned to enable and assist representatives and their principals across the board for a healthier and more supportive sales environment.

The Simple "Why" of Joining MANA

MANA has achieved great things and that’s why Digital Sapien Interactive is proud to announce that we have become MANA members! As a professional trade association of manufacturer’ representatives, manufacturers, and service providers who work together to create long-term and mutually profitable relationships for all parties involved, MANA perfectly aligns with our values. We share MANA’s high business ethics, sensitivity to fair-mindedness, and desire to create long-term and profitable relationships throughout the manufacturing landscape.

Both MANA and Digital Sapien Interactive understand that in addition to everything else that they do, manufacturers’ representatives act as customer advocates for the companies that they represent. Selling through independent manufacturers’ representatives is just more cost effective for the manufacturers and service providers than keeping an in-house sales team. 

Really, that’s what Digital Sapien Interactive has always been, and now even more so as members of MANA. We offer the customer multiple solutions to whatever obstacles that may present themselves. In turn, the customer can spend far less time working with manufacturers’ representatives than with multiple direct salespeople. 

The nature of the job demands that direct salespeople are constantly on the move as they’re promoted to larger territories and taking on new responsibilities. They lack presence. Alternatively, a manufacturers’ representative such as Digital Sapien Interactive can create long-lasting relationships built on more stable foundations. 

Familiarity and trust are integral elements to making a purchase for most people, after all. That’s exactly why Digital Sapien plans to partner with manufacturers’ representative and independent sales contractors to bring the highest quality digital marketing services to the industry.

Of course, it’s not just a question of what about MANA attracts Digital Sapien Interaction, but it’s also a matter of answering what we can bring to the table for everyone else’s benefit. DSI is a fast-growing digital marketing and web development agency headquartered in Worcester, MA, that specializes in building high performance and organic search programs that achieve breakthrough results for manufacturers, businesses, enterprises, and non-profits. That isn’t exclusionary though, and our services and expertise can empower any manner of business entity that uses manufacturers’ representatives or independent sales contractors as their primary sales force.

If one thing is certain of the internet and the online market it’s that the applications for business growth are absolutely limitless. There are no boundaries that digital marketing cannot cross. This landscape and its subtleties are Digital Sapien Interactive’s specialty and it’s our pleasure to bring our strengths to bear for the benefit of MANA and all those manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives who fall under MANA’s umbrella. We know that together we can help to forge enduring and rewarding relationships for all.

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