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What is it like to host your website on a server especially tuned to SEO, optimized for speed, and hardened for security? Sign up for our SEO performance plan and find out.

Why Your Business Needs Our SEO Performance Hosting Solution

... Because the search engines have said that page load speed is a ranking factor.

Since 2014, Google has been actively trying to “speed up the web”. This is because they know that all searchers – desktop, tablet, and mobile – want a fast loading website experience so they can find they information they need quicker.

That’s why we host our client’s website on a server constructed with top of the line hardware, enhanced with speed modules, and expertly managed with capacity and load balancing controllers to help ensure that our customers have a blazing fast website.

... Because the search engines have said that the use of SSL (HTTPS) protection for a website is a ranking factor.

SSL places a layer of encryption between your visitor’s web browser and your website to protect the information transmitted between you and your customer. Since 2015, Google has been emphasizing the importance of website security, so much so that websites that deploy HTTPS will see a ranking advantage over competitive sites that do not.

Our hosting platform uses SSL encryption by default, ensuring ongoing data protection between you and your customer’s browser, which may result in a boost in search rankings.

... Because the search engines want to ensure your website hasn't been compromised.

Google and other search engines will mark your websites in the search results and in Google Chrome if they detect that your website has been hacked. Needless to say, this warning label can negatively impact the flow of traffic to your site and the downtime to repair your website can have high opportunity costs .

Our server is housed in a secure data facility and backed up regularly. In addition, it is protected by a high grade firewall to block out those with malicious intent, so our clients can have peace of mind knowing that their website is being professionally managed 24 x 7.

SEO Performance Hosting is a continuous and long-term effort. If you are a business and planning to develop a completely new website or wish to optimize your current one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Digital Sapien Interactive.

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