SEO Keyword Research

Discover the Perfect Keywords so Prospects can Discover You

Keyword research is considered to be the most important element of an SEO campaign. Careful keyword research allows businesses to plan a robust SEO campaign, understand their competitor’s strategy, and estimate the costs and returns of an SEO investment.

Keyword Research Sets the Tone for SEO Success

Conducting keyword research can be challenging, especially without prior experience. Digital Sapien Interactive can identify high-value target keywords to focus your SEO campaign efforts propel your business forward.

Good Keyword Research Connects Your Products To Search Engine Users

In general, keyword research attempts to identify terms being entered by search engine users. The value of these terms is then assessed according to the keyword’s ability to attract users to the site who will then perform some sort of action that is beneficial to the business.

The selection of keywords to be the focus of an SEO campaign depends on several factors, including the client’s goals, Google’s algorithm treatment of search queries, the comparative search volume of thematically related keywords, existing on site content, and multiple other factors.

For example, an e-commerce business or may choose to direct their efforts in making sure they rank well for keywords phrases that will most likely lead to a sale. In contrast, the keyword strategy for a service based business should focus on search terms which indicates the users wiliness to complete a form to receive a free consultation.

How the Experts Apply SEO Keyword Research

Strategic Keyword Plans to Identify Market Gaps with High Opportunity for Commercial Clients

In addition to conducting a content audit, and performing SEO competitive intelligence, we use search engine data to determine market opportunities and information gaps for our clients. After determining the competitive-to-opportunity ratio for a given search query, we produce actionable reports that enable our customers to efficiently scale growth by reaching more of their target audience while expanding into new markets.

Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword research also benefits efforts to optimize website meta data along with keywords in the first paragraph of page content. SEO consultants optimize keywords, meta titles, and meta descriptions. They also optimize image titles, and ALT tags. Google’s algorithm looks for relevant keywords in the first paragraph.

How We Build Keyword Strategies

Digital Sapien Interactive uses technology to assess the value of millions of potential search terms which are then categorized into funnels aligned with existing and planned onpage content and the client’s stated KPIs.

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