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SEO for Charities and Non-Profits

Use SEO To Help Your Organization Find Sponsors, Raise Money, Attract Volunteers & More

SEO for non-profits is more difficult than people at first think. Creating effective SEO takes know-how, hard work, and commitment. If your company is to grow and thrive, SEO is quite necessary for people to find you. Unfortunately, SEO frightens a lot of people. There are a number of things to consider. The best solution is often the assistance that SEO professionals can provide.

Launching Effective SEO for Organizations

Effective SEO services should include onsite optimization. Consultants spend quality time reviewing an organization’s history and other marketing initiatives the non-profit hopes to achieve. They conduct keyword research, specific, for every website page. Then, consultants insert those keywords naturally into meta descriptions and web content.

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Inbound links can also boost a website’s ranking. These links help establish search engine trust while improving brand visibility. Looking at the backlinks of a competitor’s website also helps a non-profit to focus on their own content and link-building strategies. Content marketing is a crucial element of effective SEO.

Our SEO Services for Nonprofits

Consultants base keyword research on three elements: what people search for, what people see, and what the results of the search reveal. Knowing these three things allows SEO consultants to better structure content for publishing.

Creating good, relevant, content that people will consume and share is the next step. Google and other search engines pay close attention to how visitors respond to content. Good content comes in the form of news, partnerships, reports, data, white papers, information about the non-profit’s culture and management, and compelling stories about constituents. This is the type of compelling content that keeps readers coming back.

Utilize Facebook, Twitter, and Google + effectively. Keep in mind there is no one platform that solves everything. Rather, a combination of social media platforms provides the best results for search and branding. Effective branding can provide non-profit employees with a sense of direction and motivation as well.

Who Could Benefit From Our Approach of Doing SEO for Charities?

Any charity with a mission to raise money can benefit from effective SEO services. Raising money and gaining new support is often the result of raising people’s awareness. As such, online giving can grow by leaps and bounds when donors recognize a charity’s or non-profit’s brand. An optimized website page can help drive customers directly to an online donation page.

New supports are always waiting in the wings. Millions of people look for worthy causes to support. They will generally donate to a website that first comes up in their search efforts. These people may also be potential fundraisers for your cause. Reputation, trust, and credibility mean something in the world. People will give to an organization they recognize and can trust. Trust and credibility result in being found.

Non-profits and charities can also create a legacy with the right type of SEO. Take your charity or non-profit to its next level of service and success.

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