Integrated Digital Marketing For Artists & Record Labels

Your Music Is Your Passion. Getting It Out There In The World Is Ours

Whether it’s to promote a new album release, announce tour dates, sell merchandise to die hard fans, or to drive digital downloads sales, our experts can help get your music in front of existing fans or find new ones.

Digital marketing for music acts in the modern, digital age is quite unique compared to other industries.  For one, there is a strong need to have strategic integrations between marketing channels. 

Here’s how we can help drive exposure online for musicians, record labels, and other performance artists.

Social Postings

We would start by understanding the brand voice/tone of the band/artist and generally our job here is to take content that they already have and repurpose it.

We are looking for it to be authentic so integrating the artist into this is typically the best option

Key Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo.

Often this is a great channel to promote merchandise and generate content around voting for favorite memorabilia.

Social Ads

Generally any social ad dollars are spent on promotion of specific events and venues you or your artist will be performing at approximately 30 days prior for A-list type artists that sell out it’s not as much of a focus.

Occasionally some ad dollars are spent on the promotion of digital downloads.

It’s more likely that we’d promote merchandise to their audience via boosted posts if we do any ads outside of event promotion.

Social & Email Integration

We often run contests and giveaways to get email addresses to fuel our email campaign.

This is one of the most important goals which is to take social exposure and turn them into emails for repeat exposure that isn’t controlled by a social platform.

Email Campaigns

Email is a powerful tool for the promotion of events, merchandise, digital downloads, new releases, etc. 

Email is one of the best marketing channels for emerging artist on a shoestring budget, and the price point of merchandise doesn’t always allow for a whole lot of ad spend. It’s all about repeat business.

Search Engine Optimization

We love SEO, but this generally isn’t a place we should spend a significant amount of time, but it does have its value. 

Most SEO time for artists are spent on their YouTube videos to rank in YouTube and Google video search

As for SEO on their site one of the primary objectives is absolutely to collect an email address,  promotion of merchandise, and directing fans to an online download platform, such as iTunes.

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