Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing Campaigns to Engage Audiences

An email campaign, also called drip marketing, automated email campaigns, or autoresponders, is one of the most powerful ways to convert leads without any additional work from your sales team.

Email has long provided a way for businesses to stay connected with leads and customers. As one of the most efficient ways to send promotions, updates, or announcements to your audience, it isn’t shocking that so many companies rely on email for customer communication.

However, if you’re sending newsletters or promotions only to those on your subscriber list, you could be seriously missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tactics out there. When done correctly, email marketing can help you bring in high-quality leads and new customers ready to purchase from you again and again. But unfortunately, those customers aren’t going to decide to make a purchase just from one newsletter.

To help convince leads and past customers to make a purchase, you need to send them highly targeted content that fits their unique needs, preferences, and questions. The best way to do that is through well-crafted email campaigns.

How Do Email Campaigns Work?

Email campaigns work by giving each subscriber content, information, and promotions that fit their past behavior, purchases, or engagements. When the messages they receive in their inbox speaks directly to their needs, they’re more likely to open your emails and click through to your site.

Through focused email campaigns, we can send a customer updates on content or products they’ve engaged with in the past.  We can also add them to specific campaigns based on how they’ve signed up to receive your email messages.

You can set up a drip campaign for just about any behavior, sequence, or timeline. Drip campaigns can be used to educate your leads on how you can help solve their problems or even to encourage them to make a previously uncompleted purchase.

How Email Campaigns Build Relationships

An autoresponder campaign feeds different content or information to subscribers based on specific actions and timelines. Each email is scheduled for delivery at a set time to ensure subscribers get precisely the content they need when they need it.

Email campaigns are a great way to nurture your leads without needing to put in much work on your end. Instead, you can automatically assign prospects and customers to different campaigns that can do the job for you.

With that said, there are several critical must-have email campaigns that we recommend for our clients:

Each campaign is designed to connect with the customer at various points in the purchase funnel to foster deeper, more mutually productive relationships. 

4 Critical Email Campaigns All Business Should Have

It’s now more important than ever before for businesses to stay in touch with their prospects and customers.  Do you have these vital email marketing campaigns in place for your business?

Ongoing Refinement of Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most efficient ways to nurture new leads and keep in touch with past customers and clients. However, for marketing automation to work for you, you need to know what you’re doing.

Strong email campaigns will look different from company to company, but to find a method that works for you and your audience, you need to get started. We’ll identify gaps in your nurturing process and develop email campaign strategies that can fill those holes.

As we monitor how your audience is engaging with your emails, we’ll refine key components to your marketing strategy to better connect with customers in their inboxes. Continuously revisit your email campaigns to maximize results.

Our clients are often surprised at how much the right automated campaign can boost their conversion rates.