Digital Marketing for the Manufacturing Industry

Let’s combine your knowledge of your business with our digital marketing skills to build a strong marketing connection with present and potential clients

Are You Manufacturer's Representative or Agent?

Why do you need Digital Marketing for your Manufacturing Company?

Having a successful industrial manufacturing company is a lot of work. We completely understand that in today’s world there is so much that needs to be done just to deliver products, that business owners can’t do it all.

You can’t run a company and give marketing the focus needed to grow your business as well as those you service in your sales channels. Direct, Reps, Distributors, Dealers, End Users, and OEMs become weighty elements in a successful sales strategy.

Everyone needs some help through collaboration, and that’s exactly who we are … “Marketing and Business Growth Collaborators”. We are here to help you to use digital marketing to increase the probability of marketing success and company growth!

So, what does that actually look like?

We spend time with you to become better acquainted, get to know each other, and learn the specifics and uniqueness of your company’s mission. Our collaboration will not work until we each earn and achieve mutual trust. That is DSI’s mission for our relationship. Then we take that knowledge and use online resources to create company growth. We target specific areas, such as increasing leads and sales, creating brand awareness, and building customer loyalty through mutual trust.

How we help

We are an internet marketing agency for the industrial sector and we specialize in digital marketing and website development. Our specialty is people just like you who are trying to market in manufacturing, distributing, and service providing. Our experience comes from years of working with companies of all sizes from across the globe. With our marketing skills we have brought them growth within their companies and dramatically increased sales.

Our services include:

Meeting the unique needs of the industrial sector

  • Custom Quotes: every business offers something different and that is why we help you to create custom quotes for your salespeople to use
  • Retain Clients: the best sign of a good business is repeat customers. We help you to learn how to better increase your traffic, but also to encourage customers to return
  • Targeting Longer Sales Cycles. Not all sales are immediate, and we work to specifically target those that may take longer
  • Integration of Multimedia and digital content

Stop trying to do it all. We can help you to be a better business today!

Supporting Manufacturing Representatives & Agents

Learn about the benefits of Partnering with us

Every part of the manufacturing world is a challenge and that includes representing a manufacturer out there in the wide and wild world of sales. 

That’s exactly why we extend an invitation to agents and salespeople as well, because we understand the relief of having a professional team at your back. We like to think that our greatest strength is outperforming expectations and we’re eager for the opportunity to put our enthusiasm to work for you. Whether you need to upgrade a website, improve your SEO, launch an email marketing campaign, or just track conversion behavior. 

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got your back – and then some.