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What is Redirects?

The Definition of Redirects

HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) redirects are used when a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is determined to be an invalid URL, or when the URL has been changed by an administrator.

A redirect is a type of HTTP response that directs browser users to a different URL than the one requested. The redirect is an intermediate statement that is sent to the web browser that causes the browser to move to the next URL or location.

A redirect is a URL that is redirected by a server with no content. The redirect statement is different than a 404 (Not Found) page. A 404 page is an informational page that is displayed in the web browser when the URL was not found.

The redirect page is actually the URL that was requested from the web server

Some redirects are temporary (such as 302 redirects), while others are permanent (301 redirects).

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