Digital Marketing Glossary

What is Pillar Pages?

The Definition of Pillar Pages

Pillar pages or hub pages are pages that are designed to act as the central hubs for a website. They link to other web pages and are meant to help users find what they are looking for.

A pillar page can be any page on your website that is meant to capture the attention of customers. A pillar page should be designed to attract the most traffic possible for your website.

Pillar pages are often the most important pages of a website, especially large websites with hundreds or thousands of pages. A pillar page can be a main category page, such as “Cars”, or it can be a standalone page, such as a “Solutions” page describing how a product or service can be applied for a specific use-case.

For example, if your website is selling widgets, you might want to create pages on your website that specifically highlight how your product can improve customer’s lives. These pages help potential customers make well-informed decisions about whether they want to buy your widgets.

Pillar pages pages typically focus on customers, helping customers understand what their individual needs are, the benefits of your widgets, and how your products can help solve their problems.

Pillar pages are usually detailed pages of a website, or sections of a website, attached to a specific topic. For example, an article about dog food should have a detailed page describing dog food, including pros, cons, ingredients, prices, etc.

A pillar page would be very beneficial for SEO because search engines favor websites with detailed, long, informative pages, which (when well-built) can be optimized with keywords.

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