Digital Marketing Glossary

What is Enterprise SEO?

The Definition of Enterprise SEO

Enterprise SEO is an SEO marketing practice that pertains to large organizations, usually with a single large digital property or multiple digital properties.

They require special strategies to be efficient, competitive, and successful. SEO for enterprises encompasses the use of search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, such as backlink building, gaining traffic, generating leads, and retaining customers, usually on a larger scale when compared to other websites. These tactics are used to drive traffic and brand awareness to an enterprise website, improve its online visibility, increase its search engine rankings, and improve its online presence for the enterprise’s digital properties.

How does the SEO process differs in Enterprises vs SMBs?

An enterprise SEO strategy largely differs from that of a small business. In an enterprise setting, SEO involves a mix of holistic SEO strategies that put emphasis on sitewide optimization as well as onsite optimization. Whereas, a small business SEO strategy includes more focus on local search optimization and specialized SEO strategies for the business niche.

What Are Enterprise SEO Considerations?

For many businesses, SEO is critical to having their website appear at the top of search engine results. But for a business that’s looking to optimize its SEO, there are some specific considerations that differ from a traditional website. Enterprise SEO, sometimes referred to as B2B SEO, takes into account the specifics of a business’s website and its audience.

What Are Some Enterprise SEO Best Practices?

Enterprise SEO is about creating and maintaining a website or web property that maximizes search engine optimization (SEO). Many enterprise SEO best practices focus on creating stronger, more usable sites that users actually enjoy visiting. On-page SEO refers to proper use of page titles, meta descriptions, headings, keywords, and image alt tags. Off-page SEO refers to off-page factors such as backlinking.

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