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We believe in community and charity. Some things are just too big to carry all by one’s self. That’s why we were proud to sponsor a hole at this year’s Chip in for Dyslexia Classic.  All proceeds from this annual golf tournament are donated to the Children’s Dyslexia Center Boston North, who are dedicated to assisting children of all ages in their ongoing pursuit of reading with ease. It’s a gift we can all agree that every child deserves.

In the same spirit of the joy of reading, the CDC is all about having fun. This definitely isn’t the place for a hardcore competitive attitude, and prizes are even awarded to the athlete who comes in last! It’s all in the name of a worthy cause, eating some good food together, and having a great time on the green.


Dammit, Jim! We’re Web Marketers, Not Golf Experts!

Of course, we’re not just proud of our sponsorship, but we’re also a little embarrassed. Digital Sapien Interactive is a digital marketing and web development agency, and so we think that it’s fair to say that we know the internet. Imagine your house, how easily you navigate its rooms, how naturally you know which cupboard to find a plate, or which drawer has the silverware. That’s the internet for us. What we do not know, apparently at all, is golf. We think it’s safe to admit that none of knew the first thing about golf or just what a tournament entailed. We just wanted to support the cause.

So, in our pride of internet know-how and complete lack of golfing expertise, we offered up a prize of free website design services should any athlete swing a hole in one. (Is swing the right word here?) What a prize! Digital Sapien Interactive aside, free web design is no small token! We were so proud of our generosity! Only to learn that the odds of successfully landing a hole in one on a par 4 flag is 13,000 to 1. That’s for a touring, professional golfer!

Needless to say, it turns out that our grand prize was woefully inadequate should anyone actually meet our challenge. We have learned that lesson hard, and next year we’ll offer two free website designs for a hole in one! Just kidding. We intend to spend this year thinking up the perfect prize, because we absolutely will be back to sponsor the children again in 2019, and we promise to have a prize ready that’s worthy of the cause!

Join Us in 2019 to Support the Cause

Donate to Children's Dyslexia Center - Boston North
Donate to Children’s Dyslexia Center – Boston North

There’s no need to wait for that though. The Children’s Dyslexia Center North Boston is always in need of support and accepts donations all year round. We strongly encourage all readers to take a look into their hard work at They really are doing an amazing job, and we want to reach out and thank every organizer, volunteer, participant and fellow sponsor who helped to make this Chip for Dyslexia Classic a wonderful and successful event.

One final note for our fellow sponsors though. We have a blunder to make up for, so next year bring your best, because Digital Sapien Interactive will come better prepared and we won’t hold anything back.

Thank You For Reading!

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