Building An Audience Is Tough: Watch Out For These “Gotchas” Along The Way

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Here are some of the proven ways to build audiences. Digital marketing has its own limitations as it helps only those who strategically reach out to the masses and build a number of audiences.

Problem #1: Too Many Fingers, Not Enough Pie

It is often seen that organizations struggle when it comes to devising an efficient marketing plan. There may be a head of sales, a head of product or a head of service — who all are engaged in marketing (both traditional and digital). In fact, this is one of the primary reasons why organizations struggle with their marketing and in building an audience subsequently. No one is able to differentiate between the head and the feet as everything is so entangled. It is an arduous task determining where marketing lies given the fact that every department has (little or more) its finger in the marketing pie.

Problem #2: The CMO Can’t Be Your Superman

Many organizations do not have a head of marketing position as such and this may cause some heartburn both in the short and the long run. However, creating a CMO position is unlikely to act as a magic wand that will instantly take care of all the problems in a jiffy. There are many core marketing functions that are already distributed across organizations and appointing a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is unlikely to act as a panacea. What is more important though is to add momentum to the top management’s strategies and programs to create a position of Head of Audience Development in order to develop a loyal audience for your products and services.

How To Fix

Modern organizations operating in a highly complex and dynamic business environment require someone to take charge of their owned, paid, and earned media assets. They need a person who can devise strategies to build an audience that is drawn to their unique approach to address the trials and turbulences of a rapidly evolving and dynamic business environment. In other words, organizations struggling with audience development for their offerings should treat captive audience development as their core marketing responsibility. Placing your audience above everything else is going to help you build customer loyalty.

In a marketplace marked by increasing consumer fickleness, strong brand following and loyalty help you gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Carefully nurturing your audience and building a relationship with them based on trust, ethics, and an impeccable service will help you outshine your competitors every time. Your present and potential customers are all there in the audience and your personalized engagement with them will help you generate more business and profits. Additionally, your audience is also your source for your referrals, pitches, mentions etc.

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