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Generate high-quality or convert users with informative content—marketing solutions in lieu of promotions

Content marketing is a general term for the promotion of targeted, quantifiable, interactive and informative content intended to increase brand awareness, market presence, and customer retention. The difference between content marketing and promotional marketing is simple. Properly executed, a good content marketing campaign is designed to solve a consumer’s problem in a way that positively underscores the brand’s relevancy.

The essential aim is to promote your brand, establish use context, and increase conversions through demonstrated authority in a given market or industry. Content marketing strategies are exemplified by comprehensive, multi-channel campaigns designed to promote a particular service, product or brand.

Today, marketers primarily execute their content marketing campaigns through the internet as its core promotional medium, but include traditional television, radio, podcasts, motion pictures and printed content in books, magazines, and newspapers.

Content Marketing is Inbound Marketing

Digital marketing programs—by which we mean marketing programs executed over the internet—are promoted through both paid and organic tactics. Organic techniques include non-paid social media promotion, search engine optimization, and guest-blogging for relevant digital properties.

At the heart of contemporary content marketing is something we call inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a term that describes marketing programs designed to convert or monetize potential customers or users who come to your website as the result of their decision to click on a particular piece of content (promoted through social media or search engine optimization).

Digital Content Marketing in 2017

In order to effectively execute a business-to-business (B2B) content marketing campaign in 2017, you need to identify your target market, understand your potential customer’s problems, and choose the promotion strategy that will yield the biggest ROI.

Here are several tips for you that will assist you to succeed in B2B content marketing:

As content promotion plays an increasingly critical role in B2B marketing, it is critical to plan your content for in advance. At Digital Sapien Interactive, we plan ours in quarters; three months at a time. This allows us to have an idea of what’s in the pipeline, while giving us enough bandwidth to make adjustments as needed.

Going forward, digital content marketing will face many challenges, particularly in B2B marketing. Before you think about new campaigns, rethink and analyze the content advertising strategies that you’ve utilized throughout the past year. Identify the harmful and ineffective aspects, and extract the beneficial tactics and optimize them in your own plan.

The success of any business depends on the content that it produces. Many B2B marketers have realized the importance of informative content marketing. They’re creating content that their customers actually want to consume. They’re using it efficiently to generate sustained business growth that has led to heavy competition. How is your content marketing performing? Remember, content marketing efforts require accurate reporting and tracking. If you’re not recording your efforts, you might as well be doing nothing.

Content is king; As long as it has technical support

Yes, content is king, but only if it’s supported by the required technology. Effective content marketers need to have several best-practices in place in order to ensure sustained reach. If you’re on of the many niche marketers for whom SEO is the primary lead generation medium, perform an SEO audit regularly to ensure that your content is accessible by users in your target market.

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