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Most things worth doing are difficult. This is a harsh fact of life that we all know, but it doesn’t seem quite right, is it? The tasks themselves usually aren’t that hard, but rather it’s the process that complicates it. Take building a house, for example. If asked to build your own house, chances are you would feel immediately overwhelmed. You probably know how to hold studs and joists in place, and you certainly understand how to use a hammer. But since you are not a builder, you won’t know the proper way to start and what to do next once you’ve actually started. 

Often, when we are faced with an important project, you’ll realize that the end-goal is not that complex. Even the individual tasks are easy, as long as you get the right people for the job. More importantly, you should know how to start and how to proceed. 

In this blog series, Digital Sapien is going to give you tips on how to kick start a website development and digital marketing agency. We’ll start with why you need a blog and how to make it put in overtime for you.

Do Your Research and Write Some Blog Posts

What is true of life is true of digital marketing and website development too, in such way that you can’t hope to succeed without educating yourself. We’re going to do a bit of that here throughout this blog series. However, you need to go beyond Digital Sapien Interactive, explore the internet, seek out the work of some great experts, and read — a lot. Don’t be afraid to follow your favorites – those experts in the fields of marketing, development, and SEO – by subscribing to their content to stay updated. This will become important later.

Now that you’ve stuffed your brain full of knowledge, it’s time to put what you’ve learned to the test by writing some blog posts! Just like the one you’re reading at this very moment. The magic number is 4, and you should aim for about 500 words each, but longer can be better. 800 words is stellar and 1,000 is magical. Just don’t overdo it or you’ll lose your reader’s interest. The purpose of your blog posts is three fold and we’ll explain that in detail:

How to Make Your Posts Work for You

  1. More than anything, your posts are a test of your knowledge. Through them, you’ll discover what you have and haven’t learned. You’ll be able to identify your strengths and your weaknesses, too. Additionally, it’ll give you a better idea of where you need to focus. The better you can explain something, the more you know. If you can’t explain something at all, you want to consider seeking out more information on that topic.
  2. Your blog posts are your foundation content. The internet demands something to prove your presence and your expertise, and these first posts are exactly that. They’re your way of telling the world that not only do you know what you’re talking about, but you also know how to teach it. If you can teach it, then it’s not at all outrageous to suggest that for a price, you’ll do it for those in need.
  3. Remember those experts we advised you to follow? They’ve helped you out once but there’s more that you can squeeze from them. Include them in your posts, then extend a friendly invitation to read your blog, do whatever it takes to make them aware of your blog. If you’ve done your job right, they may comment on your posts, and that puts your material in their feeds. Now your work is across their greater networks, too. Suddenly, your network has gained a tremendous boost.

Leverage Others’ Networks for Your Benefit

You should have something of a rhythm by now and that’s extremely important because your work is far from over. With your 4 blog posts blazing the trail, it’s time to write more. You really want to produce at least one per week and shuffle your posts for maximum exposure. Continue finding experts and other relevant groups across various social media and incorporating them into your process to effectively multiply the reach of your network for a fraction of the work.

Thank You For Reading!

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