Our Leadership


Everett C. Whitehead

CEO / Founder

Digital Sapien Interactive is led by Everett Whitehead, an experienced SEO veteran who has been active in ecommerce, organic search and online marketing since 2004. Prior to founding Digital Sapien Interactive, Everett developed and implemented the SEO strategy for several Procter & Gamble brands (Gillette, PUR), Synsodyne, Lojack, Verizon Wireless, and Zipcar through his past tenures at several Boston-area SEO agencies.

Most recently, Everett headed up the Global SEO team at Monster Worldwide from 2012-2017 where he engineered a 100% increase in organic traffic to the US market and a 200% increase of organic traffic across European markets.

Everett believes that in order to stay ahead of the pack, you have to invest in your education. That’s especially true in the ever changing, fast moving field of digital marketing. Everett holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in eCommerce from New York Institute of Technology and a dual Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Psychology and Sociology from University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Roger Scott

Vice President of Sales & Business Development

Roger is a personable business professional with 40 years of expertise in all facets of “Entrepreneurial Stewardship” and every component of marketing and sales, including: production, management of independent sales representatives, contract negotiations, and distribution of capital goods and services for high-profile corporations.

He is skilled in collaborating with all members of our clients’ organizations to achieve business and financial objectives, and is accustomed to handling sensitive and confidential records.

Roger is flexible and versatile – able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure – poised and competent with demonstrated ability to easily transcend cultural differences. Roger thrives in problem solving environments and has excellent team-building skills.

Anthony Beaulieu

Project Manager & Operations

Anthony is an all-in-one digital professional. Though his specialties are written and verbal communications, along with operations and project management, he is highly proficient in content development as well. He has under his belt two decades of writing, editing and proof reading experience, a decade of management and web copy writing experience, and several years of image editing experience.

More importantly than a resume of skills acquired over his career is a passionate belief in doing the best job possible. He doesn’t like half-measures or shortcuts, and leverages his high standards to clients’ benefit.