About Digital Sapien Interactive

We work in sync with you to ensure that we devise a strategic online marketing plan that exceeds your business needs.

Who We Are

We are an end-to-end digital design and strategic audience development company located in Worcester, Massachusetts. Our services are designed to allow our clients to grow, thrive and adapt to the constantly changing waves of today’s digital marketplace. 

Led By People Who Know Digital Marketing.

As a team, we have honed our expertise and familiarity with strategic audience development techniques while working with some of the world’s most recognizable organizations in a diverse set of industries and sectors. This variety has allowed us to become well-versed in particular industry-specific jargon.

Because we don’t specialize in any specific industry, we can approach each of our projects with an objective point of view. We excel with B2B and B2C sales, in addition to successfully managing a number of campaigns for foundations and non-profits. The breadth of our professional engagements has allowed us to become well-versed with the lexicon of diverse sets of industry sectors.

We’ve crafted strategic digital marketing plans for firms across various service providers, established ecommerce providers and respected consumer media brands.

We’ve tailored and executed targeted B2B content marketing strategies for highly influential and heavily endowed philanthropic organizations and think tanks, medical and legal industry publications, and international sporting organizations.

Our search engine optimization (SEO) services have helped marketers, publishers, and fundraisers ensure that their messaging is both digitally accessible and strategically crafted to provide maximum organic exposure.

Agency Leadership


Everett C. Whitehead

CEO / Founder

Digital Sapien Interactive is led by Everett Whitehead, an experienced digital marketing veteran who has been active in ecommerce, organic search and online marketing since 2004.

With over 15 years of high-level SEO experience working with top companies, Everett has deep experience developing inhouse SEO capabilities for brands, SEO products and services for agencies, and deploying scalable organic growth strategies for clients.

In 2017, Everett founded Digital Sapien Interactive, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and providing fulfillment services for agencies throughout the United States.  Possessing over 50 years of combined SEO experience, the SEO team at Digital Sapien Interactive has worked with companies such as Bain & Company, Appcast, and HelloTeam directly, as well as several Fortune 5000 companies through white label partnerships.

Everett is also the former Global Head of SEO for Monster Worldwide, where during his tenure, he engineered a 5x increase in organic traffic to the US site, and an 8x increase in organic traffic to Monster properties across European markets.

Prior to founding Digital Sapien Interactive, Everett developed and implemented the SEO strategies for several Procter & Gamble brands (Gillette, PUR), Synsodyne, Lojack, Verizon Wireless, and Zipcar through his past tenures at several Boston-area SEO agencies.

Everett earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in eCommerce from the New York Institute of Technology. He also holds a double BA in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.