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Have you ever wished that you can produce great content that will convert to sales and brand loyalty? Well you can if you consistently adhere to these five tips below:

1.  You must produce content that is fresh, engaging, and authentic to your mission and vision as an organization.

You cannot and should not produce mediocre or “filler” content for the sake of keeping up with everyone else in the marketplace. The way to produce fresh content like bread out of an oven is to learn to focus on your strengths. If your organization is good at promoting certain subjects like science-fiction or pop culture for example, stick to those areas and in time you will see results.

Do not fall into the temptation of trying to be all things to all people and delve into content areas that you are unfamiliar with currently.

The Nike company does a great job of this recently by only promoting those athletes that stand out from the crowd and are still great in whatever sport they choose to play in just like the Nike shoes are great in whatever environment that they are used for in the real world. Nike’s copy, ads, and commercials are fresh, authentic, and engaging in the sense that they make a call to action on the consumer.

If it takes you a whole week to brainstorm fresh content for your site, then wait that week and produce fresh engaging content. The marketing sales are not going anywhere but they are waiting on you to produce something worthy of a sale and you can only do this if you are focused and homed in on your organization’s strengths, purpose, and mission.

2.  You need to promote your articles and/or blogsite to those outside of your field of expertise.

Become a guest blogger and post articles on such sites as Medium or Hub pages. You might be surprised at the level of exposure and fame that your organization will get by becoming involved in the everyday stories of people and the news that affects them daily.

The point of this exercise is twofold: to build up trust and to increase the visibility of your content and/or website and the ensuing traffic that should follow because of you being proactive in life. If you don’t promote your content, who else will? You can start with baby steps posting twice a week and then increase from there as you become more proficient.

Please make sure to answer every comment and question that a user might have about your content if you want the best engagement results in the future.

3.  You need to share all your posts, articles, and review papers on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You should not share posts that are not meaningful and/or thought provoking. Your organization should ask the question “How is this content reflecting our values and mission?” and “How does this content help increase brand awareness and sales funnel engagement?” Once these questions are answered and you have posted, be sure to post consistently about three times per week.

This will increase interest by both word of mouth and eventually sales might increase too because of people’s positive experience interacting with your company.

4.  Make sure that you diversify your content marketing options in today’s world.

There is no reason why your organization cannot have a podcast or online webinar for those who are looking for information about your products and services. You can create an audio podcast highlighting different people or processes in your industry for those on the go. This is great for your company and the listener.

You can also create a marketing video showcasing your company’s products and even interview people working in your field giving a real inside look at their struggles and triumphs. This will engage even the toughest audience by allowing them to become a part of your company if only for 30 minutes of their day.

This will also help to increase your audience retention as people are likely to stay when they know they are getting quality and well-conceived content each week.

5.  Speaking of your audience, you should become a student of your audience.

Every piece of content, whether online or offline, is geared toward a specific audience and demographic. Whether the audience is a bunch of millennials or baby boomers, it is critical to study your audience and their content consumption behaviors before engaging in any long-term content marketing strategies.


If you execute these five things, you should be well on your way to creating and marketing dynamic and exciting content for years to come.

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