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Discover the Keywords Your Competitors are Targeting

Whether you are launching a startup company or developing a growth strategy for an established brand, understanding the strengths and weaknesses of potential business rivals is essential if you want to grow your business over the long haul. From spotting gaps in their social media outreach efforts (if they are even on social media) to noticing sales leads they are failing to capitalize on, understanding your competitors and monitoring their actions is crucial for business success.

While you don’t want to spend more time minding their business than growing your own, you also don’t want to miss the chance to mine their data for business intelligence insights. Luckily for today’s entrepreneurs, there are a growing number of tools available to help you mine your competitors’ data and discover growth opportunities they might be missing. Check out the following roundup of data-mining competition-tracking tools to see which ones you can use to supercharge your company’s growth.


Kompyte offers a number of helpful competition analysis tools including key performance indicator tracking, activity monitoring and new competitor monitoring. Kompyte’s tools offer real-time analysis, including their social media monitoring and website tracking tools.


Unomy also offers real-time competitor tracking for savvy entrepreneurs wanting to monitor other companies in their sector. Features include online activity monitoring, sentiment analysis on social media, company profile tracking and job posting data monitoring.


HeatSync can help you understand your competitors’ target demographic, their online reputation and social activity. You can dig into details on their SEO activities, monitor the page rank of their website and even track the load times of their website pages.

Rival IQ

If masterful marketing is part of your growth plan, Rival IQ might be just the data intelligence tool you need. Features include competition benchmarking, hashtag tracking and SEO keyword monitoring. Receive detailed reports on your competition to understand their marketing strategies and uncover marketing opportunities they’re overlooking.


SimilarWeb’s competitor analysis tool lets you discover which keywords your competitors are ranking for and their current organic rank for specific keywords. Monitor your competitors’ sites for changes to their SEO keyword strategy and uncover keyword optimization tactics for specific pages as well as entire domains.

These are just five of numerous competition analysis tools you can put to use to grow your company. Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur launching your first startup or a serial entrepreneur with numerous companies in your repertoire, understanding your competition is crucial to the long-term success of your business.

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