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When creating drip email campaigns for your leads and customers, it’s important to consider their unique needs or problems. But to help get you started, here are a few universal drip campaigns that can help you better nurture your audience.

1.  The Welcome or Onboarding Campaign

When a new subscriber adds their name to your list, you want to do all you can to keep them engaged and interested in what you have to say. If you don’t follow up with relevant or interesting information, they may forget about your brand altogether.

Creating a welcome or onboarding campaign can be a great way to engage new subscribers in the content you’re going to be sending them. By bringing them through a welcome campaign, you can give them a taste of what they should expect while also learning a bit more about them.

Your welcome campaign should start with an introduction or confirmation of their subscription. Let your audience know what to expect from you and provide content options they may find interesting. If they click through links featured in your welcome campaign, you can better refine the messages they receive to fit their needs more appropriately.

Consider offering a discount or gift with your welcome email. If you sell products or services, offer a discount on their first purchase. You can also provide new subscribers with a free ebook, download, infographic, or another piece of content that will catch their eye and allow them to see the value in what you offer.

2.  The Abandoned Cart Campaign

It happens all the time: a shopper begins a purchase, but they don’t get around to finishing it. When a customer abandons their cart, you should have an automated campaign to bring them back to complete their purchase.

Abandoned cart campaigns can remind your shopper to return for something they’ve left in their cart. It can also encourage them to add more products to their cart or alert them to a promotion that might be ending soon. Any of these tactics can help you increase sales.

However, you must target your abandoned cart campaign appropriately. If you wait too long to send your messages, they may have forgotten entirely about why they wanted the item or service in the first place. On the other hand, if act too soon, it might come across too pushy.

You’ll also want to be strategic about the number of messages you include in your campaign. While two or three emails might be just the number of connections you need to encourage your shopper to buy, you also don’t want to overwhelm the shopper if they aren’t interested in purchasing.

3.  The Purchase Follow-Up Campaign

Your job as a marketer isn’t over when a lead converts into a customer. While your first goal may be to get a new customer to buy, you then want to ensure they’re happy with their purchase so they’ll come back for more.

One of the best ways to follow-up after a purchase is through a drip campaign. With an automated email campaign, you can let your shopper know when their items have shipped and also follow up to get their feedback about the product and purchasing process.

A purchase follow-up campaign can also encourage shoppers to the move to the next stage of the buying process. By alerting customers of other items they may be interested in or providing content on how to get the most from their purchase, you can create repeat customers that want to buy from you again and again.

Purchase follow-ups also are great for customer service. By actively reaching out before a problem or mishap occurs, you can stay proactive and help customers through any problematic situations. That can improve customer happiness and show that you care about the customer experience.

4.  The Educational Content Campaign

Sometimes your drip campaigns don’t have an official end goal in sight. Instead, all you want them to do is help educate your audience about what you can do for them and what offers you can provide. In this case, drip campaigns are designed to feed educational content based on interest or actions.

Your subscribers can enter into an educational content campaign in many ways. One is a simple opt-in form on your homepage or sidebar of your website. You can also use more advanced opt-in strategies, such as content upgrades, to help narrow down your subscriber’s learning interests and the kind of content they may find most useful.

Educational content should do more than feed information to your subscriber. Each campaign should focus on nurturing the lead so that they ultimately decide to make a purchase. That means you need to be strategic about how the campaign flows from one piece of content to the next.

You’ll also want to create a few different educational content campaigns, depending on what the user is seeking. Because each subscriber will want different information, creating different campaigns influenced by their interests or behaviors can ensure each is getting the content they need.

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