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Did you know that Google and Facebook are the top advertising platforms, while Instagram is a distant third? Or that 45% of mobile users aren’t likely to click on an ad on their smartphone? These are just some of the surprising statistics released in Choozle’s 2018 Digital Advertising Trends Survey.

Understanding current advertising trends is essential for brands wanting to maximize their digital marketing efforts. The more brand builders understand about how advertising is changing, e.g. ads on voice-activated devices don’t work, the better prepared they are to increase the efficiency of their digital marketing efforts.

Luckily for today’s brand builders, there are a multitude of ways they can significantly improve their digital marketing return-on-investment. If you are a business builder wanting to supercharge your digital marketing ROI, be sure to incorporate the following 12 tips into your growth strategy this year.

1. Maximize Distribution via Detailed Content Integration

One of the best ways to maximize distribution for your digital marketing efforts is to develop a detailed content integration plan. It’s not enough to just create awesome content and hope your target audience finds it. You must integrate your content into every aspect of your business development efforts. From your sales and marketing teams to your customer support personnel, content distribution must be part of their daily modus operandi.

Once your team gets used to referring to your company’s content in their daily work lives, you’ll soon see how powerful digital marketing can be for your brand. For every action you take to grow your company, ask yourself whether there is any way to further distribute your brand’s assets via your current actions.

2. Optimize CTAs for Maximum Effectiveness

CTA optimization is critical for increased marketing return on investment. When you make it your mission to analyze your calls-to-action and test their effectiveness on an ongoing basis, you increase conversion opportunities for your brand. Understand how to test everything from the color of your CTA buttons to the copy used in your CTAs and you will increase the potential of your brand’s digital marketing efforts.

3. Continually Build Content Awareness Among Your Target Audience

Continuing to build content awareness among your target audience is essential for long-term marketing return-on-investment. You can’t publish content once and hope SEO (search engine optimization) will do all the hard work of getting your content in front of potential customers.

Building content awareness needs to be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and your efforts must be strategic and creative. Think of multiple ways you can connect consumers with your content and don’t stop experimenting with your efforts to attract eyeballs to your content.

4. Diversify Your Brand Advocate Strategy

Building a brand advocate strategy is another terrific way to increase your digital marketing ROI. Brand advocates can introduce your content to their audience and can help convert potential customers into buying customers. Develop a strategy to connect with potential brand advocates, make them aware of the potential of your products/services, and help them understand how becoming an advocate for your brand is good for their reputation and thought leadership status.

5. Optimize Your Buyer Persona Strategy

Speaking of buyers, optimizing your buyer persona strategy is another essential element of increasing your content marketing ROI. Just as you develop a detailed CTA optimization strategy, so too should you develop a detailed buyer persona optimization strategy. Understand how your buyer personas are impacting your sales conversion rates and continue to tweak your personas to maximize sales for your company. Creating buyer personas is not a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor; you must continue to optimize your personas for maximum effectiveness.

6. Create a Re-Targeting and Re-Engagement Strategy

Re-targeting and re-engagement are crucial for improved digital marketing return-on-investment rates. Develop a plan-of-action to continually re-engage sales leads and current customers. Develop a re-targeting strategy using tools like PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. The more detailed your re-targeting and re-engagement strategy, the likelier it is you will turn lukewarm leads into hot sales opportunities.

7. Maximize the Potential of Your Brand Narrative Strategy

Do you have a brand narrative strategy? Does your company have a storytelling narrative that is consistent across all marketing channels? Learning how to maximize the potential of your brand narrative strategy will allow you to wring the most ROI out of your digital marketing efforts. Sit down with your team and develop a deep understanding of what your brand narrative is, how it is to be implemented across your organization, and how outreach initiatives are to be tracked and measured.

Without a strong brand narrative strategy in place, you could be wasting precious dollars on marketing expenditures at cross-purposes with each other.

8. Create an Emotional Engagement Strategy

Emotional engagement is vital for effective digital marketing success. Your brand must have an emotional engagement strategy in place if you hope to improve your customer acquisition rate.

Understand the emotional triggers your target audience responds to and ensure each element of your digital marketing efforts are optimized to achieve maximum emotional connections.

9. Understand the Importance of Visual Marketing Optimization

Visual marketing is especially important in today’s hyper-busy, hyper-distracted mobile environment. If your company doesn’t have a detailed visual marketing strategy in place, you will lose potential customers to savvier competitors who understand the importance of visual connections.

From the images you use on social media to the video marketing assets you use on your brand’s YouTube channel, each element of your visual marketing strategy must be tested and tweaked on a continual basis.

As new visual tools like augmented reality and virtual reality come along, be sure to update your visual outreach efforts to include these new eyeball-attracting opportunities.

10. Develop a Cross-Selling and Cross-Marketing Plan-of-Action

Cross-selling and cross-marketing will also help increase your digital marketing return-on-investment. Develop a plan-of-action to cross-promote your products and services. Just because a customer is interested in one of your products, that doesn’t mean they’re not also interested in other products/services you have to offer.

Even if they’re not currently in the market for one of your company’s offerings, they might be at a later date. The more effort you put into developing a cross-selling and cross-marketing strategy, the likelier it is you will increase your company’s average order size.

11. Diversify Your Content Format Strategy

A diversified content format strategy will also turbocharge your digital marketing ROI. Include multiple formats in your brand marketing efforts like long-form content, press releases, interactive graphics, blog posts, infographics, white papers, and videos.

Once you realize how having a diversified content format strategy allows you to reach new audiences, you’ll feel like kicking yourself in the pants for not having upped your content marketing game sooner.

12. Develop a Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing Business Plan

Lead generation and lead nurturing is vital for brands wanting to significantly increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts. Develop a plan for your business to not only acquire new leads, but to nurture existing leads too. Think of leads as tiny babies waiting to be nurtured into product/service-purchasing adulthood and you’ll soon see the importance of having a detailed lead generation/nurturing plan. The more effort you put into nurturing your babies, the likelier it is they will become profitable adults your company can count on for recurring sales.

Take Action

Integrate these 12 powerful tips into your business’ digital marketing strategy and you will be amazed at how quickly your return-on-investment increases. Digital marketing outreach can make or break an organization. With these 10 tips in your strategy, the odds of phenomenal business success are on your side.

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